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The office of accountings main duties are budget planning, editing assessment of balance sheet, universitys budget allocation, budget control and auditing, consolidation of balance sheet (subsidy, deputy, extension education, donation) projects administration and verification, construct financial structure preparation of vouchers, monthly financial statements and final accounting and others.

Job Items

1. Budget Planning

(1) In accordance with regulation of Ministry of Education and coordination universitys long term plan, arranges each year budget to make the most effective use of the limited resources,increase the efficiency of resources.
(2) To construct a complete budgeting system, in the essence of zero-based budgeting, to make the budget planning fit in the need of academics departments and research divisions.

2. Budget Administration

(1) Keep improving the professionalism of colleagues of Accounting Office, and manage to increase the resource usage efficiency, under legal or governments scope of resources, so that the objective of administration is accomplished.
(2) To cooperate the operations of universitys fund, assist in establishing five manual management of balance of payment in fundraising.
(3) To simplify the tasks of accounting, unify the tasks procedure of accounting, shorten the process of accounting tasks.

3. Project Administration

(1) Base on the need of revision of laws and regulations, duly reviewed to revise the standard operation process of accounting tasks.
(2) To reinforce the advocacy of regulations on fund reimbursement, furthermore we give a seminar on fund reimbursement regularly, so that the process of fund reimbursement can be done unhinderedly, and the service of Accounting Office be enhanced.
(3) To reinforce the control and urge of the funds, strengthen the concept of responsibility center and cost controlling, enhance the achievements of operations.
(4) To cooperate with the revenue-balance procedure of universitys fund and its related procedure, so that there is more flexibility in the funds utilization.

4. Consolidation of Internal Controls

Accounting Office willcoordinate the university regulation and law, assisting the universitys related internal control system and its promotion, and auditing by scheduled or nonscheduled, to integrate management of finance, implementing the execution of orders, enhance efficiency of administration, strengthen the reliability and completeness of financial report.